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What We Do

Operator Qualification Solutions Group (OQSG) is a library of full experience computer-based training and assessments delivered through the utilization of our flagship software, Pinion LMS. The OQSG library contains over 85 covered tasks, including underwater tasks. Our software is available online, on mobile devices with an internet connection, and also as a desktop program, allowing users to complete training and assessments with or without online access.

OQVerify™ was introduced in 2006 to ease the burden of DOT Operator Qualifications.  It is a compliance system that provides clients with training and knowledge-based assessments.

Pinion LMS™ - training, compliance, and data management made easy.  It was introduced in 2014 as a simple but powerful data management solution which will eventually replace OQVerify.  Our plan is to continue drafting customers from OQVerifyto Pinion LMSso that all of our customers have access to our most advanced compliance tool.  Pinion LMS™ includes:

  • Computer-based multimedia training and assessments for 70 Surface Tasks and 15 Underwater Tasks
  • Administrative Tools for managing employees, equipment, inspections, certifications, training, and assessments
  • Course Builder to create company specific training, assessments, and any other compliance event
  • Record Keeping Functions for storing training and qualification data
  • Reporting Functions for providing timely, accurate, and concise data
  • Email alerts through an automated delivery system - Pinion Courier™
  • Exporting Features including the ability to export to the database of your choice

We can help ensure regulatory compliance:

  • We can provide a detailed analysis of your OQ Program by reviewing all parts of the program document, supporting materials, and records.  During this review, we will visit facilities and speak to individuals to determine their level of understanding of the OQ Program and familiarity with their respective role(s).  Our comprehensive review will help determine the effectiveness of program implementation and if it is in compliance with the requirements of the DOT/PHMSA OQ Rule.
  • We will include an NPRM Gap Analysis that will detail how well your OQ Program is prepared to comply with the expected provisions within the NPRM.
  • Lastly, we will provide recommendations to address any gaps/shortcomings noted during the review.  Our detailed summary can be delivered through Pinion LMS.  This online data management software will aid in tracking annual program reviews and program effectiveness documentation.

OQSG offers courses in a new version called StandAlone™. StandAlone™ courses can be used in any learning management system that accepts AICC or SCORM type courses. The format of our StandAlone™ courses was created and is maintained by OQSG to provide customers with custom solutions for their own Learning Management Systems (LMS). StandAlone™ courses feature the same multisensory learning concepts found in our OQVerify™ courses and are a great option for companies who want to integrate Operator Qualification and custom courses into their existing infrastructure.

Some additional OQSG Services:

  • Proctor Training  and Evaluator Training for in-house compliance
  • Proctoring services
  • Evaluator services
  • Testing facility
  • Record upload services
  • Technical services including technical writing, OQ plan revision and custom course development

ISS is another division of Industrial Solutions Group. ISS provides safety technicians, paramedics, fire prevention specialists, project coordinators and clerks. ISS also provides consulting services, such as: regulatory compliance audits, safety management plan design and implementation, health and safety policy and procedure development, hazard identification, root cause analysis and accident investigation. Click here for more information.

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