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  • I have been using OQVerify for a couple of years now to qualify all of our field employees. I cannot emphasize enough how “User Friendly” this software program is. I say this because I am NOT technology gifted and have been able to run any kind of report I wish to in OQVerify without any outside help at all. And, believe you me, that is saying a lot for this lady.

    I often get calls from our field Proctors when I am at home. They may be having an issue of one sort or another and I am able to walk them thru their problem over the phone without even having to have the program up in front of me, that is how “User Friendly” this program is.

    Candice Sutton

    OQ Coordinator / Enbridge Energy Company
  • OQSG is an awesome company. Their support and software cannot be beaten. Any questions you may have are addressed quickly and efficiently, not to mention how cool all the reps are. HW Services would recommend OQSG to anyone and everyone.

    Nita Wilson

    Safety Coordinator / HW Services, LLC
  • OQSG conducts business in a professional manner, utilizing training tools that allow clients the flexibility to schedule employee training.

    Travis Martin

    Senior Vice-President / Occupational Safety Training, Inc.
  • The support services at OQSG is superb, on numerous occasions OQSG has provided us with evaluators and technical support on short notice on Fridays and after normal working hours to enable us to conduct our services to our customers. The entire staff has always gone above and beyond to help in any way they can.

    Russell Soudelier

    HSE Manager / Stranco
  • We use OQSG training modules and like their content but I am more impressed with their level of customer service and commitment to meeting our needs.

    Craig Watson

    Training Services Leader / Colonial Pipeline Company
  • I’ve worked with the team at OQSG for a little over 4 years now, and have never had anything but a pleasant experience. They are always willing to help, even after-hours if needed. They truly go the extra mile in every instance! I find their website very user friendly and efficient as well. The information is easily accessible and quickly retrievable which is very important in the oil and gas industry. Thanks OQSG!

    Jenn Bratkowski

    Diving Personnel Manager / Ranger Offshore Inc.
  • Working with OQSG/Industrial Solutions Group has been a sincere collaboration of my questions and confusion and their hard work, patience, and skill. I have learned much over the last few months thanks to their team of professional individuals, including Blake Dore and Sheila Trosclair. I am now able to register and assign our employees with ease, thanks to their assistance. I am pretty sure they have answered my calls on the first ring, while their accounting department sends receipt of our purchase order in under 24 hours. It is a completely efficient process, and I am very satisfied!

    Laura Marubio

    Diving Department Coordinator / Bisso Marine Co., Inc.
  • I have been working with OQSG for the last seven years and have witnessed incredible growth with their organization – from disk driven assessments to the seamless online assessments in which we participate today. It is actually a pleasure when I get a request from a customer to be qualified in OQSG because setting the customer up for the training and proctoring of the assessments are seemingly effortless.

    I feel the staff at OQSG goes out of their way to help me with situations – from needing help with a problem that comes up afterhours to responding to an “ASAP” email they receive when a customer account needs to be created immediately.

    Everyone I have spoken with over the phone at OQSG has always been friendly and willing to give whatever assistance needed. If they treat everyone like they treat me, there are a whole lot of satisfied people doing business with them.

    Richard "Dicky" Jackson

    QA/QC OQ Coordinator/Administrator / Falck Alford
  • With over 20 years experience in Training, I always look for a way to give something of value back to our employees. OQSG’s multimedia training, and assessment program provides this. The feedback from our employees is overwhelmingly positive.

    Bob Bell

    Operator Qualification Department Manager / MBF Inspection Services, Inc.
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