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Compliance Library

Not just OQ anymore... In this course library, you'll find a number of compliance courses that you can use to meet ISNetworld's RAVS and TQ requirements as well as additional DOT requirements like Control Room Fatigue Management. Click here for a list of downloads, including the Compliance Library Course Lists.

Control Room Management

PHMSA Control Room Management regulations address safety requirements for controllers, control rooms, and SCADA systems used to remotely monitor and control pipeline operations. These courses are designed to help comply with Control Room Management regulations.

  • CLF - Catastrophic Line Failure

    1. Understand the severity of a catastrophic line failure
    2. Recognize indications of a major leak
    3. Identify a catastrophic line failure
    4. Respond to a catastrophic line failure

  • CRE - Control Room Emergency Response

    1. Identify characteristics of hazardous liquids
    2. Recognize abnormal operating conditions and pipeline emergencies
    3. Respond to abnormal operating conditions and pipeline emergencies
    4. Perform emergency response procedures

CP Tools™

CP Tools™ combines e-learning along with interactive labs to deliver entry level instruction on Cathodic Protection Systems.

  • CP01 Corrosion & CP Systems

    1. Define and understand the causal effects of corrosion
    2. Identify different types of cathodic protection systems and identify the equipment used in each system

  • CP02 Rectifiers

    1. Obtain voltage and current output readings from rectifier and check for proper rectifier operations
    2. Troubleshoot and repair rectifiers
    3. Adjust a rectifier

  • CP03 Cathodic Protection Measurements and Effectiveness

    1. Perform structure-to-electrolyte measurements
    2. Locate shorted casing
    3. Determine CP effectiveness
    4. Measure soil resistivity
    5. Recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions

Fatigue Management Series (FMS)

The Fatigue Management Series has been designed to meet three levels of training: Awareness level, affected person, and supervisory level training. To learn more click here.

Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)

The SEMS is a nontraditional, performance-focused tool for integrating and managing offshore operations. The purpose of SEMS is to enhance the safety and cleanliness of operations by reducing the frequency and severity of accidents.

  • SEMS Awareness Training

    This concise, awareness-level training program provides an overview of the SEMS requirements and a basic understanding of how these regulations affect offshore workers and their jobs. In addition, the program provides the information necessary for annual training on the new SEMS regulation, 30 CFR 250 Subpart S. This course was created by Moxie Media in partnership with PEC. (Course ID: SEMSAT-MM, 21 min.)

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