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Our course libraries cover a range of topics. We offer a complete library of topside and underwater covered tasks for operator qualification, as well as, a number of compliance and HSE course libraries to help you meet all of your training and compliance demands.

If you are looking for "operator qualification," look no further. This 50+ course library has everything you need to get your employees qualified.
Operator qualification isn't just a topside requirement. This course library is geared for underwater pipeline workers, complete with real-world examples.
In this library, you’ll find various compliance courses to educate your employees on regulations and policies which affect their jobs and duties.
In this library, you’ll find courses relevant to various positions within your office. These selected topics are designed to educate your employees on company policies and laws that apply to their jobs and duties.
Here you’ll find a number of HSE courses that you can use to meet RAVS and other regulatory requirements.

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