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Human Resources

Human ResourcesIn this library, you’ll find courses relevant to various positions within your office. These selected topics are designed to educate your employees on company policies and laws that apply to their jobs and duties.

International Business

These courses are designed to help your employees understand the guidelines for conducting business in other countries.

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    This course was designed by OQSG and it covers the legal requirements for business practices that include offering or giving anything of value to a foreign official. Specifically, the FCPA course covers topics that include: What constitutes a prohibited act, persons covered by the prohibited act, best practices and exceptions for facilitating payments, bona fide business expenditures defined, and red flag awareness and accounting provisions applications.

OQSG Administrator

These courses cover several roles with the OQVerify software for ensuring valid Operator Qualification records.

  • Evaluator Recertification

    Created by OQSG, this course focuses on an evaluator’s ability to understand, access, and handle OQSG skills assessment forms. Specifically, this course refreshes evaluators’ training in: logging into OQVerify, accessing skills assessments, printing skills assessments, evaluating an individual’s qualifications, defining a skills assessment, identifying the required information on a skills assessment form, and commenting on a skills assessment form.

  • Proctor Training

    Our OQSG Proctor Training course explains the expectations for acting as a proctor and ensuring valid assessments. The corresponding assessment will test your knowledge and ensures that you fully understand your responsibilities as a proctor.

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