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  1. Operator Acceptance
  2. There are currently over 75 operating companies accepting OQSG certifications.

  3. User Friendly
  4. Computer-based training programs allow easy access to our interactive training modules. These training modules are simple, user-friendly, and can be completed online through our OQVerify website, or offline using our OQVerify desktop software. We offer training modules for every Covered Task.

  5. Up-To-Date Records
  6. Our records are uploaded three times daily. All records are verified before being posted.

  7. No Commitment Required
  8. We do not require any type of long-term commitment. There are no binding contracts. Companies are charged an annual licensing fee (per user) allowing them access to any and all of our training modules.

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Additional Information

  • OQVerify Process
    The following information delineates the process for implementing OQVerify™:

    Agreement Package—we secure our process with an agreement package consisting of a Customer Service, End User License, Evaluator and Proctoring Agreements. These agreements allow OQSG to audit your qualification process, and revoke qualifications for OQSG Procedure violations. The agreements also provide Operators with confidence that you are providing valid qualification records. Account Activation —once our relationship is established, we will grant you access to the OQVerify™ software. Your company's administrator will then have access to begin establishing user accounts and assigning training, knowledge, and skills assessments. There are several purchase options for OQVerify that allows you to custom fit it to your needs. OQVerify will help you fulfill the knowledge and skills qualification requirements. Basic software initialization is $500.

    Proctor Training—we provide a convenient online Proctor training course and assessment. Proctors play an important role in our qualification process. We require proctoring of the knowledge assessment portion for all covered tasks to ensure a valid assessment. During our proctor training course, a proctor will learn about the OQSG Proctoring Procedures, documentation requirements, and the basic functionality of OQVerify. Proctor training is $200 per person.

    Evaluator Application—your Evaluator candidates will complete an application for becoming an OQSG Evaluator. Evaluator candidates must have at least 5 years of experience and be qualified in every task they wish to become an evaluator of. The candidates must also submit 3 references that can attest to their skills and ability. Finally, the evaluator candidates will identify the covered tasks they wish to become performance evaluators for. The completed application is submitted to OQSG for review.

    Evaluator Training—we provide one-day OQSG Evaluator Training sessions. Evaluators play an important role in our skills qualification process. Evaluator training ensures that the evaluator has sufficient knowledge for properly administering skills assessments. During our evaluator training session, an evaluator will learn about our OQSG Evaluator Procedures, documentation requirements, and the proper way to administer skills assessments. Evaluator training is $400 per person in Lafayette, Louisiana or surrounding areas. Remote training classes require at least 2 weeks’ notice and a minimum of 5 attendees or travel costs will be added. Special conditions may change pricing.

    Technical Support—upon completion of proctor training, your proctor or another representative of your company may call OQSG for complimentary technical support. Our staff is prepared to discuss usage options with you to help determine which products best match your company’s needs.

    OQVerify Licensing —you have unlimited use of our OQVerify software through our licensing agreement. License fees are $150 per person per year for all active employees in the OQVerify software. An active employee is one that has completed a course in the OQVerify software. You will be billed $37.50 an employee per quarter with a three-year commitment only negated by the termination of the employee.

    Knowledge Qualifications—OQSG trained proctors will create employee accounts and assign covered tasks using the OQVerify software. The employee will complete all assigned knowledge assessments while a Proctor oversees the assessment portions of every task.

    Skills Qualifications—OQSG trained evaluators will assign and print skills assessments using the OQVerify software. We have both topside and underwater skills assessment forms and they were designed to complement our OQVerify knowledge qualification material. The evaluator will evaluate an employee in covered tasks using the Skills Assessment forms. The employee will perform the covered tasks while the Evaluator oversees the performance of every aspect of the task. The Evaluator completes the necessary documentation and determines if the employee is qualified. Both the employee and Evaluator sign and date the skills assessment form and fax a copy to OQSG.

    Export—once your employee has completed their assigned covered tasks, OQSG will validate the qualification records and notify you of invalid records. We will also upload valid qualifications to the database of your choice.

    Renewal of Evaluator Status—OQSG evaluator status must be renewed every 3 years. Requirements for renewal of evaluator status are: 1. The evaluator must perform at least one skills evaluation in each task he/she is qualified to evaluate within the three-year span, 2. The evaluator must maintain a current qualification status in all tasks he/she is qualified to evaluate, and 3. The evaluator must complete the online Evaluator Recertification course. The cost to renew evaluator status is $100 per evaluator. Note: If for any reason, an evaluator does not meet the above requirements, or if their qualification expires, the evaluator will have to take the OQSG Evaluator Training again.

    Renewal of Proctor Status—OQSG proctor status must be renewed every 3 years. A requirement for renewal of proctor status is to complete the OQSG training course. Note: If for any reason, a proctor does not meet the above requirements, or if their qualification expires, the proctor will have to complete the full OQSG Proctor Training course again.

  • Pricing
    The following information delineates the prices for implementing OQVerify:

    OQVerify options: (choose one)
    $700 for OQVerify online and desktop software containing all topside and underwater covered tasks
    $500 for OQVerify online containing all topside and underwater covered tasks
    $100 per course for SCORM or AICC export fees

    Proctor training:
    $200 per person

    Skills Evaluator training:
    $400 per person
    Remote training classes require at least 2 weeks notice and a minimum of 5 attendees. Special conditions may change pricing.

    OQVerify Licensing:
    $150 per person per year license fee for unlimited access to covered tasks.
    (We will bill you $37.50 an employee per quarter with a three-year commitment for unlimited covered task credits only negated by the termination of the employee.)

    Technical Support:
    We offer complimentary technical support for the installation of your OQVerify software. Other technical services will be billed at $95 an hour.

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