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OQSG Course Updates-September 2012

  • Posted by jlangwell
  • 12 September 2012
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OQSG announces the following changes to our courses:

CT43 Perform Flange Bolting Procedures
We have updated two of our partial skills assessments for covered task 43 Perform Flange Bolting Procedures. We have omitted the partial skills 43.4 Hot Bolting and moved its contents into 43.1 Identify Hazards and perform hot bolting. The change was made to align better with our training for this course. We verified in our software and on ISNetworld that this consolidation does not affect any current records.

CT30 Inspect Existing Pipe Following Movement
We have removed the partial skills assessments for CT30. Originally we offered partial skills assessments for 30.1 and 30.2, however we feel strongly that the course is more complete as a full skills assessment. Again, we verified in our software and on ISN that this change does not affect any current records.

CT15 Place and Maintain Line Markers
We have added more information to an element of our skills assessment for CT15, which affects both our full skills assessment and partial skill 15.2. This change was made to element 5: Locate the line, to include all components of operating line locating equipment to make sure they are addressed during this portion of the evaluation.

CT19 Provide Temporary Marking of Buried Pipeline Prior to Excavation
We have also added the enhanced material for CT15.2 element 5: Locate the line to our CT19.2 skills assessment. Other changes include moving determining the depth of the pipeline information from objective four to the training and assessment for objective two and changing objective four to "Inspecting and Maintaining Temporary Line Markers."

Please give our office a call at 337-769-9608 for questions or assistance with updating your covered task lists on ISNetworld.

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